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Biochemical Department Manager
Biochemical   Department Manager1. Lead the   biochemical department to establish the department's resarch and development   and manage system;
    2. Responsible for antibody purification, preparation and production of   ADC;
    3. Develop ADC  analysis   method;
    4. Assist R&D Department to optimize ADC
5. Antibody purification and process   optimization, GMP pilot production;
    6. Organize and write relevant documents of IND.
1. Doctoral   degree in biochemistry, organic/pharmaceutical chemistry or related   fields;
    2. At least 3 years laboratory experience related to protein or antibody,   familiar with preparation, purification and analysis process of protein and monoclonal   antibody, knowledge and background of organic/pharmaceutical chemistry; Or   rich experience in organic/pharmaceutical chemistry, at least one year   laboratory related background in protein or antibody;
    3.Good command of English reading and writing; Proactive, serious and   rigorous, careful and practical, with positive team spirit, strong   organizational leadership, coordination and communication skills.

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General Manager Assistant
General   Manager Assistant1. Take care of   the general manager's daily schedule ;
    2. Coordinate across functional units for follow-up of key matters and   distilling output
    3. Drafte, filed and sorted out documents issued by general manager;
    4. Collate and manage data, file and retrieve documents, compose   presentations and consolidate reports as requested;
    5. Keep and manage all kinds of contracts
1. Bachelor   degree or above, medical biology, business administration. Major in   Secretary, administration or related;
    2,Accept short-distance business trip, have strong communication   skills;
    3. Work carefully and systematically, have a sense of responsibility and a   strong sense of confidentiality;
    4. Have common sense of business etiquette and be familiar with various   office automation software.

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Board Secretary
Board   Secretary1. Arrange   CEO's daily work  (including meeting   room arrangement, data preparation, meeting minutes writing, meeting data   archiving, etc.)
    2. Orgnize all the work-related staff for chairman, and assiste the   chairman to contact and coordinate    various departments
    3. Assist CEO to prepare speeches, reports, PPT and otherstaff, and was   responsible for  document management
    4. Coordinate with all departments of the company, collect and sort out all   kinds of documents and materials required during the preparation for listing   and information disclosure, and cooperate with the company in all kinds of   preparations for listing
    5. Responsible for convening the general meeting of shareholders and the   board of directors of the company, and doing the income and arrangement of   the meeting proposals; Report the meeting notice, hold the meeting, write the   meeting minutes, form the meeting resolution, report the meeting results,   keep, sort out and file the meeting materials;
    6. Maintainl public relationship;   
    7. Handle various major and emergency events;
    8. Participate in external publicity, responsible for the company and   product publicity, and enhance the brand value of the company;
    9. Any ad-hoc tasks assigned by senior management.
1. Bachelor   degree or above, major in Chinese, Secretary, Law, Finance, Management,   Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, etc., with director secretary   qualification certificate is preferred, experience in successful operation   and participation in listed companies is preferred;
    More than 5 years working experience, including more than 3 years working   experience on the board of directors of the company, familiar with   bio-pharmaceutical industry is preferred;
    3. Good writing skills and   advanced skills in Microsoft Office
    4. Outgoing, positive, good communication and strain ability, strong   ability to work under pressure, able to adapt to high intensity work   rhythm;
    C1 driver's license, more than 3 years driving experience, adapt to travel   work.

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Clinical Project Director
Clinical   Project Director1. Supervise   the development and implementation of all national clinical trial   projects
    2. Organize structure construction, assess and training personnel of the   Center;
    3. Responsible for the determination of post responsibilities of each   subdivision of the center and the establishment, modification and improvement   of relevant operating procedures;
    4. Coordinate the work between the Center and other relevant business   departments;
    5. Allocate resources on the whole, keep track of the project schedule, and   ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget;
    6. Maintain the relationship with the test unit.
1. Bachelor   degree or above, major in medicine or pharmacy;
    2. More than 10 years of clinical research related working background,   about 5 years of team management experience
3. Clinical team or project management   experience in large international CRO companies
    4. Good understanding of relevent law;
    5. Excellent communication, organization and coordination skills, good team   spirit and cross-department cooperation;
    6. Willing to work under pressure.

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BD Director
BD   Director1.Looking for   cooperation opportunities with domestic and overseas organizations, research   institutions and innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, including but not   limited to, patent licensing, joint development and strategic   cooperation;
    2. Work closely with colleagues in early stage drug development, clinical   medicine, business and other teams to analyze and evaluate potential   projects; Independently communicate internally and externally, and promote   project progress;
    3. Responsible for the collection and arrangement of domestic and overseas   pharmaceutical information, the implementation of the screening of potential   target projects, the investigation of target projects, the preparation and   submission of project feasibility evaluation reports, the coordination and   organization of project evaluation;
    4. Prepare of business development plans and negotiation, signing and   implement related projects for foreign cooperation;
    5. External authorization or sale of projects: responsible for external   authorization, project transaction and post-investment management, etc.
    6. Suggest and maintain external relations (CRO, scientific research   institutes, pharmaceutical companies, consulting companies), and be able to   complete relevant business negotiations on behalf of the company;
    7. Coordinate and contact key project experts, government personnel and   consulting agencies, organize communication, seminars and summary meetings with   relevant departments of strategic projects, and assist the company in making   strategic investments in pharmaceutical projects.
1. Master's   degree or above in life science field, doctor's degree or overseas study   background is preferred;
    More than 5 years experience in innovative drug development or BD, familiar   with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry, market analysis, product   analysis, project management experience;
    3. Familiar with the overall process of drug R&D and marketing, and   familiar with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines;
    4.Having good common sense and commercial sense.

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CFO1.Be   responsible for day-to-day finance and accounting functions for the group,   e.g. AP, AR, banking, budgeting, book-keeping, audit, tax-filing,   etc.;strengthen the company's expense management, and improve the efficiency   of capital use
2.Establish and improve the internal financial   management system, establish a scientific and systematic financial accounting   system and financial monitoring system, and enhance the effectiveness of   internal control
3.Develop and refine internal control policies,   guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash   and credit management, and accounting;
    4.Prepare accounting, financial statements, financial systems, budget   review (financial revenue and expenditure plan, cost and expense plan, credit   plan, financial report, accounting final accounts), etc. Participate in the   formulation of major financial-related business plans, contract agreements,   etc.;
    5.Responsible for the company's IPO plan, collaborate with audit services   and external auditors to ensure proper compliance with all regulations,   requirements of annual and interim audit are met;
    6.To monitor and mentor staff to enable timely, efficient and innovative solutions   to the company through Agile and process improvement projects and meet   required KPI;
    7.Any ad-hoc tasks assigned by GM
1. At least 8   years working experience in comprehensive financial management and at least 3   years experience as CFO, preferably in life science field;
    2. IPO experience will be advantageous;
    3. Strong accounting knowledge and understanding in the latest accounting   and tax regulations;
    Familiar with domestic and foreign accounting standards and related   financial, tax, audit laws and policies;
    5. Familiar with financial budgeting and final accounts, cost analysis and   financial control, able to establish scientific and efficient financial   management system, and have the ability to reduce the risk of enterprise   capital operation;
    6. Rich experience in financial analysis, capital planning, financing and   overall arrangement of tax, with financial strategic management thinking   ability, strong organization, planning and management ability;
    7. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous style, good professional   ethics, team spirit and communication skills;
     CPA qualified or equivlent;
   8. Strong organization, coordination and communication skills.

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