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Chemical Analysis Researcher
Chemical   Analysis Researcher1. Responsible   for the development, validation, testing and reporting of analytical methods   for samples at all stages of process development and production   process;
    2. Proficient in operation of HPLC, LC/MS, GC, GC/MS and other analytical instruments,   and do routine maintenance of analytical instruments;
    3. Responsible for the review of the validation scheme of analytical   instruments and the drafting and modification of the corresponding SOP;
    4. Formulate product stability test plan and be able to carry out stability   test according to the plan;
    5. Familiar with relevant GMP requirements and assist QA to conduct GMP   training in the department and comply with relevant GMP procedures.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in pharmaceutical analysis or analytical chemistry, at least   1 year experience in small molecule drug development;
    2.Proficient in operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of analytical   instruments, such as HPLC/MS, GC/MS, etc.
    3. Have the ability to carry out the work of drug analysis independently,   and participate in the establishment of quality standards in the process of   new drug development;
    4. Able to independently write quality research data, good professional   literature retrieval, analysis and sorting ability.

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Senior Researcher of Synthetic Technology
Senior   Researcher of Synthetic Technology1. Responsible   for pilot process research, including pilot route development and process   optimization;
    2. Preparation of raw materials for production;
    3. Pilot process development, including process research and process validation;
    4. Conduct pilot production in accordance with the company's safety and GMP   quality control specifications;
    5. Collect and sort out experimental and process data, compile, write and   submit relevant reports.
1. Major in   organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical engineering, bachelor   degree or above, experience in synthesis process amplification is   preferred.
    2. Familiar with various organic synthesis reactions, master the separation   and purification techniques and structure identification methods of commonly   used compounds in the laboratory; 3. Proficient in reading English   literature, strong ability to consult Chinese and English literature;
    4. Conscientious, responsible, practical, diligent, diligent, with good   team spirit;
    5. Strong awareness of safety production and compliance.

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Cancer Immunology Researcher
Cancer   Immunology Researcher1. Responsible   for the development of novel agonist immunotherapy, screening of active small   molecules in vitro to verify their activation of immune pathways;
    2. Participate in the selection and development of targets, and participate   in the design and optimization of antibody-conjugated drugs;
    3. Participate in in vitro and in vivo evaluation of drug activity;
    4. Analyze and summarize experimental results, organize and write relevant   experimental reports, draft and improve laboratory rules and regulations,   etc.
1. Major in   molecular biology, cell biology, tumor immunology background is   preferred;
    2. Master PCR/QPCR, ELISA, Western blot, cell culture and other operation   skills, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry technology is better;
    3. Responsible, honest, meticulous and patient.
    4. Good English literature reading ability, continuous learning and   innovation
    5. Good team player

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Cell line construction researcher
Cell   line construction researcher1. Familiar   with common host cells, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, DG44 and other cell   lines;
    2. Familiar with the construction of antibody gene plasmid, cell cloning   and screening and cell culture;
    Familiar with the use and maintenance of various brands of   bioreactors;
    4. Record the whole r&d operation process, accurately record the data   and analyze it;
    5. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the laboratory.
    6. Write relevant SOP and experiment records;
    7. Summarize and report the work regularly, and provided the technical   report and related information on time;
    8. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders and the company.
1. Bachelor   degree or above, major in molecular biology, biochemistry, cytology or   bioengineering;
    2. Experience in laboratory animal cell or microbial molecular biology, use   of stable cell, bioreactor, cell line modification is preferred;
    3. Be rigorous, careful, diligent and studious in work, strictly follow   norms and arrange work in an orderly manner;
    4. Good at reading and translating English technical materials;
    5. Have the ability to analyze and solve problems, and have a good team   spirit.

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Cell Biology Researcher
Cell  Biology Researcher1. In vitro   screening of antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC);
    2. Evaluate and study of the function of antibodies or ADC drugs at the   cellular level;
    3. Explore, develop and establish cell-based experimental methods, write   standard operating procedures (Sops) and experimental reports;
    4. Analyze and sort out relevant technical data, and keep experimental   records and materials completely.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in biology;
    2. At least 1 year experience in antibody or cell biology, experience in   biological drug function evaluation at cellular level is preferred;
    3. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, self-motivated;
    4.Good team spirit and communication skills.
    5. Strong writing ability of Chinese technical materials and reading   ability of foreign literature.

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Molecular Biology Researcher
Molecular   Biology Researcher
    1. Take research before project approval;
    2. Expression and characterization of antigens and antibodies;
    3. Antibody screening;
    4, antibody in vitro, in vivo evaluation.
Bachelor degree   or above, major in biology or related.

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