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Quality Director
1.Directs   the overall quality strategy, plans, directs and controls all quality   activities;
        2. Establish quality system and   promote GMP systerm, ensure all the activaties relates to drug development   and maufacture meet international,national as well as corporate compliance   requirements;
    3.Monitor and maintain quality performance metrics to meet international   and national laws where relates to FDAEMAPIC/S, ICH etc.andNMPA;
    4. Review / approve quality related documents including standard operating   procedures, Deviation reports, stability research plans / reports, entrusted   production / inspection, instrument / equipment monitoring and maintenance   plans;
    5. Establish quality risk management system, correction and prevention   system, data management system, supplier evaluation  system, adverse reaction reporting system   and other quality management systems to ensure the effectiveness of their   implementation;
    6. Review the requirements of establish Pilot-Plant and clinical production   sites, and manage Deviation and changes in the activities;
    7. Responsible for organizing self inspection and receiving official /   customer external audit, coordinating all departments of the company to   cooperate with the inspection, and implementing the rectification of   nonconformities;
    8. Guide the establishment of GXP training management system, responsible   for training and promote quality policies;
    9. Guide validation management, review and approve validation plans and   documents, and track the implementation of validation projects;
    10. Review the release of materials and products to ensure the compliance of   release procedures; Evaluate and approve material suppliers, manage suppliers   and formulate annual supplier audit plan;
    11. Organize the preparation of quality related materials required for   clinical research application; Review the regulatory compliance of   registration related documents to ensure that drug registration related   documents meet the regulatory requirements;
    12. Establish and implement quality management and assessment   standards.
1. At   least 8 years working experience in comprehensive financial management and at   least 3 years experience as CFO, preferably in life science field;
    2. IPO experience will be advantageous;
    3. Strong accounting knowledge and understanding in the latest accounting   and tax regulations;
    Familiar with domestic and foreign accounting standards and related   financial, tax, audit laws and policies;
    5. Familiar with financial budgeting and final accounts, cost analysis and   financial control, able to establish scientific and efficient financial   management system, and have the ability to reduce the risk of enterprise   capital operation;
    6. Rich experience in financial analysis, capital planning, financing and   overall arrangement of tax, with financial strategic management thinking   ability, strong organization, planning and management ability;
    7. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous style, good professional   ethics, team spirit and communication skills;
     CPA qualified or equivlent;
    9. Strong organization, coordination and communication skills.

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