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Junior/Advanced Protein Expression and Purification Researcher
Junior/Advanced   Protein Expression and Purification Researcher1. Purify the   expression of antibodies and proteins and detected the corresponding activity   according to the project requirements;
    2. Grasp the experimental process and progress, and analyze and deal with   the experimental results;
    3. Complete the experiment records timely and accurately, and wrote the   part related to my work in the project report.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in biology, medicine or related major;
    2. Master the purification method of recombinant protein. Familiar with   AKTA, familiar with affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography,   hydrophobic chromatography, dialysis, microfiltration ultrafiltration,   protein electrophoresis and other technologies is preferred;
    3. Solid protein expression skills, familiar with one of the escherichia   coli expression systems, yeast expression systems or mammalian cell expression   systems is preferred.
    3.Good team work ability;
    Ability to read English literature.

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Senior Scientist in Antibody Development
Senior   Scientist in Antibody Development1. Antibody   structure design, modification, expression, CHO stable cell line   screening;
    2. Establishment of antibody engineering technology platform;
    3. Antibody engineering related experiments, such as sequence analysis and   molecular cloning of variable region fragments of antibody, affinity maturity   of antibody, establishment of recombinant antibody expression cell line, and   optimization of recombinant antibody expression system;
    4. Organize and keep relevant technical data, including SOP writing;
    5. Construction and screening of phage display antibody library.
1. Major in   biology or related filed, master's degree with  at least 5 years of working experience, PhD   is prefered;
    2. Experience in antibody engineering research, including antibody variable   region gene cloning, recombinant expression of full-length antibody, stable   cell line construction is preferred;
    3. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, self-motivated;
    Good team work spirit and communication skill;
    5. Strong writing ability of Chinese technical materials and reading   ability of foreign literature.

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Microbiological Inspector
Microbiological   Inspector1. Responsible   for microbiology laboratory management, equipment and consumables   maintenance;
    2. Responsible for the detection of microbial limit, endotoxin and   sterility;
    3. Responsible for the method confirmation of relevant tests;
    4. Responsible for the management of positive bacteria.
1.Bachelor   degree, at least 1 year related working experience;
    2.Junior college, at least 3 years related working experience.

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Instrument Analyst
Instrument   Analyst1. Responsible   for the development, validation, release detection and stability detection of   capillary electrophoresis related detection methods;
    2. Responsible for the daily maintenance of relevant testing equipment and   consumables;
    3. Responsible for assisting in biological activity detection.
1.Bachelor   degree with at least 5 years related experience;
    2.Master degree with at least 2 years of relevant experience.

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Verify QA
Verify   QA1. Verification   system maintenance and verification file management;
    2. Organize, coordinate and implement the validation and verification risk   management;
    3. Completed the audit of the company's verification project plan and   report;
    4. Participate in the training, follow-up and implementation of the   company's confirmation and verification activities;
    5. Coordinate the validation and validation activities of third parties and   suppliers.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in pharmacy, Biology, chemistry;
    2. More than 3 years quality related work experience in pharmaceutical   industry;
    Familiar with GMP, USP, EP, ISPE, PDA and other relevant regulations and   guidelines;
    4. Good communication, coordination and execution skills;
    5. Experience in new plant and system verification is preferred.

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R&D   QA
    1. Responsible for regularly checking the operation of the R&D   department, confirming that the research institution is operating in   accordance with the regulations, and tracking the rectification of   non-conformance items;
    2. Conduct compliance check on the experiment records and check the audit   trail;
    3. Review all current SOPs of R&D department, participate in the   formulation and modification of SOP;
    4. Participate in commissioned R&D/commissioned inspection laboratory   audit; 5. Participate in key supplier audit and evaluation.

    1. Familiar with GLP/GMP, participate in FDA/ EU and domestic   certification;
    2.2-5 years experience in QA, experience in protein drug development or   equipment validation is also preferred.

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