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CRA1. Responsible   for the development, promotion, daily inspection and quality management of   research center projects;
    2. Responsible for the relationship maintenance at the basic level of the   research center;
    3. Completed and fed back all reports that the company needed to   collect;
    4. Completed other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
1.Bachelor   degree or above in medicine or related major, CET-4 or above;
    More than 1 year of clinical supervision experience, tumor project   experience is preferred;
    3. Familiar with GCP, ICH-GCP and relevant regulations, laws and   regulations of clinical research;
    4. Adapt to business trip;
    5. Good communication skills, executive ability, perception and   interpersonal skills;
    6. Proficient in using various office software.

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PM1. Managed the   pre-market clinical trials of the company's new products under the leadership   of the medical person in charge, controlled the overall quality of clinical   implementation, and ensured that the project complied with relevant national   regulations and requirements;
    2. Manage the overall process control of clinical trial project   implementation to ensure that the project schedule meets the requirements of   THE R&D plan;
    3. Communicated with researchers about relevant issues of the experiment to   ensure the progress of the experiment;
    4. Completed other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
1, Major in   Medicine, clinical, health or related, bachelor degree or above;
    2. Premarket drug clinical trial experience is preferred, medical device   clinical trial experience is preferred;
    3. Good communication, strain ability and problem solving ability;
    4. Adapt to business trips.

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Medical Manager
Medical  Manager1. Under the   leadership of medical leaders, collect and organize the data of clinical   research projects, draft or revise the clinical trial protocol,   investigator's manual, safety update report, informed consent, clinical   summary report and other trial related documents;
    2. Guided the development or revision of the department's medical data,   wrote SOP for related operations, and trained related personnel;
    3. Regularly collecte and sorte out serious adverse events or unexpected   adverse events occurred during clinical trials, tracke and collect the   information of adverse reactions of relevant drugs at home and abroad, and   communicate and discusse with the project team and researchers;
    4. Evaluate and communicate the clinical application and medical practice   of new varieties to be introduced and developed by the company;
    5. Keep track of medical advances in related fields.
1. Master   degree or above in medicine or pharmacy; Major in hematology or hospital   experience is preferred; / Bachelor degree or above in Medicine, Pharmacy,   Preventive Medicine, Animal Medicine or other medical related majors; Major   in hematology or hospital experience is preferred;
    2. Premarket drug clinical trial experience is preferred, medical device   clinical trial experience is preferred;
    3. Good communication, strain ability and problem solving ability;
    4. Adapt to business trips;
    5. Good English listening, reading and writing skills.

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Formulation Development Researcher
Formulation   Development Researcher1. Responsible   for the development of preparation prescription for each project;
    2. Assist in the development of antibody purification process and coupling   process;
    3. Write the relevant application materials of preparation prescription;
    4. Operate related instruments and carry out daily maintenance.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in chemistry, biology, pharmacy or related;
    2. Familiar with the formulation process development process, familiar with   the principle and operation of DSF, DSC and other instruments, and able to   effectively analyze the data;
    3. Proficient in reading English literature, strong ability to consult   Chinese and English literature;
    4. Conscientious, responsible, practical, diligent, diligent, with good   team spirit;

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Researcher of Drug Freeze-Drying Process
Researcher   of Drug Freeze-Drying Process1. Able to   independently complete the selection and design of the formulation of   chemical drug development, and independently carry out and complete the   experimental work;
    2. Familiar with HPLC, UPLC operation process and chemical lyophilization   process development process;
    3. Responsible for writing the preparation part of the application data,   and sorting out the original records and reports;
    4. Understand the approval requirements of chemical drugs and relevant laws   and regulations.
1. Major in   pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparation, biology, etc., bachelor degree is   required with more than two years working experience in related enterprises,   master degree is preferred;
    2. Familiar with drug research and development process, master professional   knowledge of drug preparation research and development, quality analysis,   workshop production and other aspects, and be skilled in operation of drug   preparation research and development equipment;
    3. Strong experimental skills and theoretical knowledge of pharmaceutical   preparations, able to carry out process research independently;
    4. Proactive, rigorous, efficient, responsible, good team spirit, good at   learning and accepting new knowledge and skills.

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Synthesis Researcher
Pharmaceutical   Chemistry Synthesis Researcher1. Able to   skillfully complete a variety of chemical reactions; Independently designed   and performed multi-step organic synthesis;
    2. Proficient in literature review and atlas analysis.
    3. Able to find and solve problems in the experiment;
    4. Good experimental operation ability, good experimental skills.
1. Bachelor   degree or above in organic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry, with strong   interest in new drug development;
    2. Solid knowledge of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry;
    3. Serious and positive in work, strong sense of responsibility and   enterprise;
    4. Good team spirit;
    5. Good English writing ability, good work summary and report   ability.

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